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Send and receive emails via HF with ARDOP and Pat

If you are a HF digimode user, you have everything you need to send emails through the Winlink gateways. The Amateur Radio Safety Foundation runs the Winlink service and offers radio amateurs a mailbox associated with their callsign in the form You can create your mailbox by following the instructions on their website, right column. In short, you can create your account by logging in once without a password. You will then receive an email with your password.

Waiting for QRPver 1_v.3

In order to have an HF transmitter when I am on the road or when I am climbing a SOTA summit, I have ordered a QRPver 1_v.3. This device works on a single HF band that you choose when ordering. I chose the 20m band version (14,000 to 14,350 MHz) which seems to me to be a good compromise between good propagation and ease of installation of an antenna. Moreover this band is rather well used in digimode.

Images with MFSK-16 mode

#fldigi #digimode #mfsk
Among the many digital modes, aka digimodes, there is one that I find really nice. If you saw the title of this post you will have understood which one I’m going to talk about. MFSK, acronym of “multi-frequency shift keyed”, is a family of digital modes that dates back to the 1960’s but is still interesting because it transmits data with an error correction code (FEC) and it also allows sending images!

First post

A first post to see that all works ! Enjoy reading…